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Large companies have established policies and procedures to protect their Intellectual Property (IP) and they conduct internal compliance training. Ms. Bailly helps companies of all sizes design and implement appropriate policies and procedures. She trains clients孰loyees to ensure compliance with best practices and with National and International Regulations.. She also explains to both executives and their work force how to generate income by protecting and licensing existing IP. Her style of teaching is entertaining, enthusiastic, and effective.

Ms. Baillyॸperience in IP licensing, in public speaking, and in Compliance Management is considerable. She served as Boeing Defense and Space Export Compliance Manager and as their IP Licensing Manager for many years. A Professor of Strategic Technology Licensing at the University of Washington Law School since 2001, she also frequently trains other lawyers in Continued Legal Education (CLE) seminars in Washington State and abroad and was voted one of the best 2003 CLE presenters. Below is a list of her most recent presentations:

"Licensing Across Borders, from Canada" at Licensing Executive Society in Vancouver, BC, Canada on May 16, 2005
Instructor at Licensing Executive Society, Professional Development Series, Intellectual Assets Management, "The Deal", San Francisco, March 2005
"Licensing Across Borders" for the Intellectual Property Law Society Annual IP CLE Conference, "Licensing in a Nutshell: Domestic, International, & Ethical Considerations", at Seattle University on February 25, 2005
"Licensing Across Borders" for International Business Transactions at Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg, Austria, on November 20, 2004
"Licensing Across Borders," September 21, 2004, WSBA CLE: "Licensing Essentials for Business and Technology Lawyers"
Repeat of "International Licensing Issues" for "WSBA…ST OF CLE 2003" on December 12, 2003
"Intellectual Property Licensing, Pitfalls and Windfalls" for "Intellectual Property For The Rest Of Us". October 15, 2003. WSBA CLE
"Choice of Law Clause" for "Negotiating Technology Outsourcing Agreements Conference", September 29-30, 2003, Law Seminars International. Seattle
"International Licensing Issues" for "Look Before You License", September 15, 2003. WSBA CLE
"International Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights", for "The World Wide Web of Commerce, 2003 Annual International Law Institute", May 16, 2003. Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) Continued Legal Education (CLE)
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