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International Business Strategy is no longer for large companies only. Internet sales easily cross borders and the cost advantages of outsourced manufacturing are driving even the smallest American business into the intricacies of international relationships. The Bailly law firm will help you navigate the challenges of a global economy, through early international protection of your Intellectual Property (IP) and by drafting and negotiating contracts that take international issues into account.

Ms. Bailly has successfully negotiated a wide diversity of agreements with foreign entities for both large and small businesses during the course of her private and corporate career. Her Euro-American educational and cultural background makes her an outstanding asset specifically for clients involved in multi-national ventures. As International Contracts Manager for The Boeing Company, she negotiated extensively with foreign governments and companies and with NATO. "Ms. Bailly is Chair of the International Section of the Washington State Bar Association for 2005-2006."

For more information please send your email to bailly@baillylawfirm.com or call (206) 726-1645.

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